Jose Peo, President

Jose was elected Vice President for a term 2024 to 2025. Due to the resignation of the president he has stepped up to complete that term which will end December 31, 2024. Jose Peo strives to be a man of principle, guided by the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi’s timeless quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Rooted in a Christian upbringing, Jose’s life journey embodies the values of discipline, personal accountability, and responsibility.

A proud veteran, Jose’s commitment to discipline led him to serve his country as an Intelligence Analyst in Korea, along the Southern border, and in South America. Achieving the rank of E-5 Sergeant in an astonishing two and a half years, Jose led several deployment teams, authored multiple Standard Operating Procedures, and exemplified the work ethic instilled during his youth. Post-military, Jose channels his expertise as the founder of TLS Funding Solutions, a business finance brokerage, and Built on the Roc, a business consulting firm. He has also served the Northwest District Councilperson for several years, displaying a need to co-perate between all interestd parties. 

Tom Bruce, Vice President

Tom Bruce joined the Board of Directors in January 2022 and was appointed to Vice-President in the summer of 2022. He was elected President in November 2022 for a 2-year term starting January 1, 2022 and ending December 31, 2024. Further to this he resigned as president for personal reasons in January 2024 and was appointed Vice president, by the board,  for a term ending December 31, 2025.

He is the owner and manager of 75 Stutson Street LLC, a multi-purpose venue specializing in musical performances and music education. Music has always been a part of Tom’s life, attending college as a music major, and he still performs as a professional trumpeter today. He also worked in the electrical/lighting industry for many years.

Tom wants to promote goodwill in the community and to work toward year-round viability of business in the area by giving people a reason to come to Charlotte no matter the season.


 Sue Roethel, Secretary

Sue Roethel has proudly served on the Board of Directors since January 2015, serving as Director, Secretary, Vice President, President, and also Board Liaison to several committees. She appreciates taking a leadership role because “that is where real change can take place.”  While now retired, Sue’s former day jobs included administrative assistant, public relations and events coordinator, and finally financial administrator for research programs at RIT. She lives in Charlotte and loves the unique beauty of the lake and river confluence and, of course, the fabulous beach and park. Sue’s passions include her family, friends, and serving to better the community.  

RoseMary Shaw, Treasurer

RoseMary moved to Charlotte in 2016, bringing with her a lifetime of experience in business management and community involvement. Joining the Board of Directors in June 2018 as Secretary, she was later appointed Treasurer and elected to that position in 2021. RoseMary is officially retired and continues to work part-time for Lakeside Household Sales as cashier. Otherwise, she likes to enjoy her grandchildren and do some sewing, mostly for them.  From RoseMary: “I was raised to be of service. I hope to continue to assist the CCA and the Charlotte community however I can.”

Linda Litwak, Director 

Linda (Lindy) Litwak joined the Board of Directors in January 2018 and has served as Director, President and Vice President. Before retirement, Lindy worked in many areas: recruitment for the Red Cross, real estate, and operating a business to provide in-home care to the elderly. Retirement allowed for her family to finally locate in Charlotte, a place they have always loved. In 2023 Lindy chose to leave her position as Vice President and return to her role as a Director which will expire December 31, 2024.

Since joining the board, Lindy has continued the work first started by the Development Committee during and after the community design charrette. She is also working to expand outreach to stakeholders and residents to come together towards the vibrant vision that came from the charrette process. In Lindy’s words, “Community is not a place, a building or an organization. It is a process where community members come together to take action to generate solutions to shared problems.”

In her spare time Lindy enjoys her restored home, 

Tony Micciche, Director

Tony, although he has had addresses throughout the NW quadrant, will always consider Charlotte to be home. After a full career at Delco in production and management, he moved on to real estate management, trying to provide safe housing for everyone. He served eight years in the County Legislature representing the district and comes to this board with unique knowledge and contacts especially in the area of safety and security.

John Kabrovski, Director


Jon Cahill, Director