The CCA has several committees with volunteers who work together to develop and implement programs to achieve the CCA Mission. A board liaison is appointed for each committee to work closely with the chairperson appointed from the community. Each committee is charged with a plan of work designed to help move the organization toward its goals. These committees are a dynamic vehicle by which members can actively participate in shaping our neighborhood for the future. Read on to find out what each committee is doing and how you can get involved.

Charlotte Beautification Committee

Chair:  Linda Paruta

Board Liaison:  Patti O’Brien

This committee is charged to provide gardens of natural beauty for the people who live in Charlotte and the many who visit. Tasks will be accomplished by volunteers who will plant and maintain the gardens and container pots in Ontario Beach Park and adjacent areas.


Chair:  Open

Board Liaison:  Rose Mary Shaw

This committee is charged with planning and implementing effective internal and external communication systems that support responsive, interactive and timely modes of communications between the board and community members using a variety of media outlets. The committee is also charged to assess the usefulness of current options and make recommendations regarding their disposition as well as suggest potential new applications.

Tasks include managing the CCA website, publishing the monthly newsletter, facilitating the CCA Facebook page, and sending email blasts to members to keep them informed.

Volunteer Needs:

Board Member – Chief Communications Officer (CC)): The role of the CCO is to oversee all official communications of the Association including the newsletter, website, social media and general correspondence of the Board of Directors; Act as Board Liaison to Communications Committee; advise the President on external media relations (TV news, local newspapers, etc; develop surveys for the Association as requested by the Board of Directors.

Newsletter Support: The newsletter is published monthly with a timeline to ensure members receive their issue the week before the CCA Monthly Meeting. Articles are due to the editor on the 2nd Thursday of each month. The goal is to compile the newsletter over the weekend and submit to the Board Liaison and President by end of day Tuesday. Go to the printer on Wednesday, pick up on Friday. Label newsletters and prepare for mailing by Sunday night, and taken to the Post Office on Monday morning.

Assistant Editor: Work with editor to organize articles and advertising and compile the newsletter each month. Some writing required. Coordinate with Printer to submit completed file, review draft and pick up newsletters by 3rd Friday of the month. Follow up formatting to upload file to CCA Website once mailings are completed. Timing: Must be available for approximately one week starting the 2nd Thursday through the 3rd Friday to compile, review, and submit to printer.

Requirements: Knowledge of MS Publisher, or excellent knowledge of MS Word . Will be required to have MS Publisher on your laptop or PC. (CCA can help with purchasing if needed). Must be flexible during that week to make updates/corrections as needed in order to meet printing deadline.

Other needs include:

  • Editing: Review, edit and format articles as they are submitted.Requirements: Must have PC and be adept at Word for Windows and email.Timing: A few hours per month, as articles arrive, generally between the 2nd Thursday and 2nd Friday of the month.
  • Proofing: Review edited articles and compiled newsletter for grammar, punctuation, content.Requirements: good eye for grammar and punctuation.Timing: An hour or two per month, usually the 3rd Sunday/Monday of the month
  • Newsletter Assembly: Add labels and mailing stickers for 300 newsletters.
  • Timing: Depending on number of people, could be a few hours per month. The more people, the less time. Generally do this on the 3rd Saturday or Sunday of the month.
  • E-Blasts: Emails sent to general membership and stakeholders at various times. Not scheduled, depends on issues that may arise including meeting cancellations, meeting updates, City announcements. Write content, circulate for review and send messages.Requirements: Must have a PC and able to use, or learn to use, MailChimp application.
  • Facebook: update to CCA Facebook page based on current, local events in Charlotte or the City of Rochester.Requirements: Must be avid FB user and have flexibility to add posts daily if needed.
  • Web Page: Work with other volunteers to add updates to the website including current events, newsletter archives, and pictures. Assist with current project to redesign website.Requirements: Must be avid technology buff. Willing to take on responsibilities to update the site as items arise.
  • Historian: Collect and catalog historical documents pertaining to the Charlotte Community Association. Create a process for ongoing collection and cataloging.Requirements: An interest in history and passion to record it.
  • Photographer/Videographer: Take and submit photographs of CCA and other Charlotte events for use in Social Media and Charlotte Community News.Requirements: own photography equipment (or even an iPhone) and ability to attend events and submit photos on a timely basis.
  • General Media/Press: Create processes for the Board to communicate with the media as needed. Draft messaging for the Board to use.

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Chair:  Vacant

Board Liaison:  Tom Bruce

This committee is responsible for recruiting and retaining members and building community awareness of the CCA. Tasks include coordinating with the treasurer to maintain a master list of current paid members and advertisers, annual billing and membership renewals, taking attendance at general meetings and ensuring that voting members are identified when a vote count is needed. The committee is currently examining the benefits and best practices of multi-level memberships and advertising rates. It is also preparing an outreach effort to former members and advertisers who may wish to rejoin, as well as to businesses, schools, churches and other community groups to establish a relationship with them.


Chair:  Vacant

Board Liaison:  Rose Mary Shaw

This committee is required by the New York State Not-for-Profit Corporation Law (NPCL) that governs organizations like the CCA. It is charged to solicit and recommend nominations of candidates to fill board seats available in annual fall elections or through vacancies. The committee recently assisted in filling three board vacancies through appointments made by the board and approved by the CCA members.



Board Liaison:  Sue Roethel

The responsibilities for this committee are being updated. it includes responsibility to ensure that the CCA upholds its membership and fiduciary responsibilities in accordance with New York State Not-for-Profit Corporation Law (NPCL).

Planning & Zoning
Chair:  Vacant

Board Liaison:  Sue Roethel

This committee acts as the interface between the CCA and the City of Rochester on community development issues. It is charged to establish positive and productive working relationships with City officials on behalf of the Charlotte community. Committee members attend meetings, collect and share information, and advocate for the community’s best interests. They are also charged to outreach to other neighborhood groups to investigate potential partnership opportunities and to benchmark Charlotte initiatives with those of other communities. The scope of work includes immediate advocacy regarding current development projects underway such as the Port of Rochester Marina and Mixed-Use Land Development Plans, the Lake Avenue Improvement Project, and the Turning Point Trailhead Improvement Project.

Programming and Fundraising

Chair:  Vacant

Board Liaison:  Linda Litwak

This committee is charged to develop a yearly schedule of programs to encourage community engagement, volunteer participation, and fundraising efforts for the organization. The team will coordinate volunteers for annual events sponsored by the City and create new events in partnership with other community groups to meet the fundraising goals of the CCA. Events completed to date are the annual Lakeside Winter Celebration, Kite Flight and Clean Sweep. Upcoming summer activities are the City’s new “Uplift” event and the annual CCA picnic. Fall events include the City’s “River Romance” and the annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. The committee is charged to create a major annual fundraising event that will become synonymous with Charlotte and help support the neighborhood’s charrette and vision plan. Some committee members have completed a food-handling safety course for certification that allows the CCA to obtain permits to sell food at events.

Safety & Security


Board Liaison:  Tony Micciche

This committee is charged to foster neighborly relationships and effective communication between residents, businesses, schools, churches and other community organizations with the common goal of making Charlotte a safe, vibrant and inviting place to live, work and visit. It is charged to work with various agencies such as the Rochester Police and Fire Departments, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Towns of Greece and Irondequoit Police Departments, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and Regional Transportation Service to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing. Specific tasks include attending monthly meetings of the Police and Citizens Interaction Committee (PCIC), establishing neighborhood watch groups and block clubs , coordinating PAC-TAC training, participating in the annual “National Night Out” event, investigating and reporting vacant “zombie” properties, and meeting with local school administrators.

To contact the Safety & Security Committee, email


Chair:  Brian Labigan

Board Liaison:  Patti O’Brien

This special (ad hoc) committee convenes once a year to coordinate the annual scholarship awards, which is a long-standing tradition of the CCA. Through various fundraising events, the CCA annual offers two $1,000 awards to eligible young men and women in the community to further their education. The program encourages them to get involved in the community and volunteer for activities. The committee coordinates the spring application and selection process and announces the winners at the annual summer CCA picnic.

Youth Engagement Committee

Board Chair: Vacant            Community Liason: Patti O’Brien

What’s Charlotte Community Youth Engagement about

An opportunity for youth (8th grade and up) to learn more about “Civic Awareness” and Leadership Training and Opportunities right here in their own backyard. The Board of Directors of the Charlotte Community Association (CCA) are looking to engage interested youth to become a part of our Charlotte beach, Port of Rochester, and nearby community. Families with youth of all ages are invited to join these efforts and provide programming through volunteer efforts and fundraising activities. The Monroe County 4-H program offers training and structure in developing youth we just need parents, like you, to share a few hours of your time each month to implement programs. Clubs that serve youth age 5 through 18 are made up of three or more families with five youth who attend, what a perfect way to connect with other families, learn by doing, and model teamwork.

What current opportunities are available? The Leadership Academy for Young Men partners with the CCA and

  • Learn who the local leaders are and why local government matters:
  • As well as the difference between advocacy and lobbying (including how to come to the table and respectfully “agree to disagree” with the intent to discover points you were not aware of)
  • How local governments use technology to serve citizens
  • Understand how your voice matters and ways to connect and understand systems and what is need for changes to occur
  • Discover how and where you can make a difference in your community; you are the voice of the future!
  • Participate in 4-H community projects that improve your neighborhood Learn by doing! Currently they are piloting a “Community Garden” aligned with the middle school science department!
  • Align with others who share your passions or can help you learn new things, find your niche
  • Public Presentations – help from research to presenting; find a mentor that aligns with your goal
  • Attend monthly meetings and workshops that identify the steps necessary to attain positive health benefits
  • Explore how to navigate resources that identify social and career goals
  • Human interactions for positive outcomes with basics in behavior, understand how a Code of Conduct benefits the reputation and “brand” of a group
  • Demonstrate collective and collaborative service opportunities through a multi-generational, diverse, and innovative approaches 

Did you know about CCA Scholarship Opportunities?

This year the Charlotte Community Association (CCA) is pleased to announce that again, two scholarships will be awarded to college bound students who are residents of the Charlotte community or attend the Leadership Academy for Young Men.

The CCA will award one $2,000 award which is made possible through community fundraising and membership donations. 

Another award of $2,000 is provided by a fund created in memory of Edward Watson, a Charlotte resident and former Charlotte High student.

The requirements for both scholarships are as follows: To qualify for the Edward Watson Scholarship the college bound senior must attend the Leadership Academy for Young Men (formerly Charlotte High School). To qualify for the CCA Scholarship the college bound senior must reside in the Charlotte neighborhood and attend any school, public or private. All applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee

 For many years, the CCA has offered scholarships to students who qualify based on academics, community service and extra-curricular activities. We are pleased to continue this tradition as well as help facilitate with the Edward Watson Scholarship.


The joint application is available (for both scholarships) at the Charlotte Branch Library and online at the CCA website (

The CCA board has established these committees to address a multitude of important neighborhood concerns. The agenda is aggressive because our neighborhood needs improvements that we all want to see. By joining any one or more of these teams, you can become an active participant in shaping the future of Charlotte! Volunteer today at or 585-865-6101 or by contacting one of the CCA Board members.

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