The CCA has several committees with volunteers who work together to develop and implement programs to achieve the CCA Mission. A board liaison is appointed for each committee to work closely with the chairperson appointed from the community. Each committee is charged with a plan of work designed to help move the organization toward its goals. These committees are a dynamic vehicle by which members can actively participate in shaping our neighborhood for the future. Read on to find out what each committee is doing and how you can get involved.

The CCA board has established these committees to address a multitude of important neighborhood concerns. The agenda is aggressive because our neighborhood needs improvements that we all want to see. By joining any one or more of these teams, you can become an active participant in shaping the future of Charlotte! Volunteer today at or 585-865-6101 or by contacting one of the CCA Board members.

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Charlotte Beautification Committee

Chair:  Linda Paruta

Board Liaison:  Rose Mary Shaw

This committee is charged to provide gardens of natural beauty for the people who live in Charlotte and the many who visit. Tasks will be accomplished by volunteers who will plant and maintain the gardens and container pots in Ontario Beach Park and adjacent areas.


 Communications Director is an Elected Position. This person sits on the board with full voting rights. This position is currently vacant.

Chairman: Vacant

Board Liason: RoseMary Shaw serving temporarily until a Communication Director is appointed or elected. 

This committee is charged with planning and implementing effective internal and external communication systems that support responsive, interactive and timely modes of communications between the board and community members using a variety of media outlets. The committee is also charged to assess the usefulness of current options and make recommendations regarding their disposition as well as suggest potential new applications.

Tasks include managing the CCA website, facilitating the CCA Facebook page, and sending email blasts to members to keep them informed.\ 

Volunteer Opportunites:  

  • Eblasts: Emails sent to general membership and stakeholders at various times. Not scheduled, depends on issues that may arise including meeting cancellations, meeting updates, City announcements. Write content, circulate for review and send messages. Requirements: Must have a PC and able to use, or learn to use, MailChimp application. Another application might be used if the volunteer is familiar and willing to set it up.  Also requires maintenance of email lists. 
  • Facebook: update to CCA Facebook page based on current, local events in Charlotte or the City of Rochester.Requirements: Must be avid FB user and have flexibility to add posts daily if needed.
  • Facebook and Web Page:  With the change in our sponsorship offering there is a need for someone with knowledge of Facebook, Word Press, and Word as well as creating JPeg’s and using snip it or snag it. This person would be responsible for maintaining a library of sponsor advertisements and assuring that they receive the coverage as provided in our offering’
  • Web Page: Work with other volunteers to add updates to the website including current events,, and pictures. Assist with current project to redesign website.Requirements: Must be avid technology buff. Willing to take on responsibilities to update the site as items arise. Familiarity with WordPress would be helpful but it can be trained. 
  • Historian: Collect and catalog historical documents pertaining to the Charlotte Community Association. Create a process for ongoing collection and cataloging.Requirements: An interest in history and passion to record it. While not begun this is definately a prospect for whoever wants to take it on. 
  • Photographer/Videographer: Take and submit photographs of CCA and other Charlotte events for use in Social Media and Charlotte Community News.Requirements: own photography equipment (or even an iPhone) and ability to attend events and submit photos on a timely basis.
  • General Media/Press: Create processes for the Board to communicate with the media as needed. Draft messaging for the Board to use.
Community Enhancement

Chair:  Vacant

Board Liaison:  Tony Micciche 

Plan and implement ways to enhance the beauty, viability and sustainability of the Charlotte neighborhood on a year-round basis, thereby benefiting residents, businesses and visitors alike. Establish partnerships and utilize resources available from government and other entities. Understand established policies and advocate for the community’s best interests on behalf of the CCA. This committee covers topics including, but not limited to, beautification, preservation, planning and zoning, neighborhood and business development, inspection and compliance (code enforcement), wayfinding signage, and parking.

Volunteer Opportunties :

Replace and/or repair external Welcome to Charlotte signs. Assess current status and research requirement for repair or replacement.

Promote the 2023 Charlotte Community and Port of Rochester Vision Plan and its recommendations

Monitor RFP for Marina Overlook site at Port of Rochester

Monitor rehab of Robach Community Center and improvements at Ontario Beach Park

Monitor rehab of Bill Davis Overlook

Monitor rehab & repurpose of Train Station

Investigate options for water taxi, kayak rental service, boat excursion & other activities on the river



Chair:  Vacant

Board Liaison:  Rose Mary Shaw

CHARGE: Grow the financial health of the organization to ensure that the CCA sustains its mission as a vibrant, responsive and effective leader in the community. Actively recruit and retain the levels of membership and sponsorship needed to support desired annual activities. Maintain an inventory of all physical property (assets) belonging to the CCA. Identify grant opportunities, investments, etc. to secure funding needed to support identified programs and initiatives. Seek partnerships with government agencies and other neighborhood organizations in grant writing when appropriate to maximize opportunities. Seek partnerships with local businesses that traditionally sponsor large-scale events and programs.

Volunteer Opportunities: 

There is a very large need for someone to administer the grants we might receive (see below) sometimes this is simple and sometimes very complicated. This person should be comfortable with word and excel and not be timid about delving into a number of sites  with different requirements. This might include Federal, State and Local governments as well as other 501-C’s who are offering grants.  

Other Opportunites: 

Raise awareness and pride with CCA giveaways (i.e. brochures, flyers, bookmarks, magnets, etc.) at neighborhood events

Coordinate annual outreach campaigns to solicit new members and sponsors

Visit businesses to encourage engagement with the CCA, possibly as a supporter or sponsor

Coordinate email blast and newsletter articles in the fall alerting members and sponsors of renewal time; thank them for their ongoing support

Track local real estate sales for new residents and outreach to them

Conduct an annual inventory of all CCA property and where each item is kept

Seek grant opportunities such as: (This can be very helpful to this organization)

·         Community Foundation NeighborGood grants

·         Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council (FLRED) grants

·         Historic Preservation Grant Funding from the Landmark Society of Western NY

·         John F. Wegman Fund (quarterly grants)

State Farm Neighborhood Assist Grants ($25K)



Nominating and Governace

Chair:  Suzanne Philips 

Board Liaison:  Sue Roethel 

CHARGE: Nominate board candidates, ensuring qualifications, eligibility, and that the size and composition of the board are appropriate. Conduct annual board elections and monitor the overall health of the organization to ensure that the CCA sustains itself as a vibrant, responsive and effective leader in the community and upholds its membership and fiduciary responsibilities in accordance with New York State Not-for-Profit Corporation Law (NPCL):  Advise the Board of Directors about operational practices, processes and procedures. Make recommendations as necessary to ensure that proper internal controls are in place and observed so that possible risks of fraud or violation of NPCL are mitigated. 

See specific instructions in the NYS Attorney General’s Office/Charities Bureau document, “Internal Controls and Financial Accountability for Not-for-Profit Boards,” Pages 2 and 5, found at Another resource is the National Partnership for Community Leadership:

Volunteer Opportunities:

Actively recruit qualified candidates for board positions; vet all candidates before confirming candidacy

Ensure proper election process is followed in accordance with bylaws; register eligible voters on election night;

verify count required for legal vote. 

Provide orientation materials to new board members

Complete annual Conflict of Interest forms and file signed copies

Review all financial statements and reports for completeness and clarity of information

Ensure that annual federal and state tax filings are completed on time

Review Bylaws for completeness and clarity of information; identify any areas needing revision

Confer with CCA attorney Julia Garver, Esq. and accountant John Heverand, CPA as needed to review current level of compliance, the implications of such, and determine all potential costs to the organization to comply with applicable laws

Develop an internal policies and procedures guidebook for best practices

Review current insurance coverage to ensure that appropriate protections are in place; make recommendations as needed

Investigate alternative funding sources such as investment and grant opportunities

Benchmark with other community groups and identify best practices to adopt

Conduct an annual audit of committees’ progress in accordance with board-approved Plans of Work; make recommendations to mitigate any inconsistencies

Inventory all CCA property: files, signs, equipment, supplies, etc. Identify where they are located and who is responsible for them




Programming and Fundraising

Chair:  Vacant

Board Liaison: Jon Cahill 

CHARGE:  Develop a year-long schedule of programs to encourage community engagement, volunteer participation, and promote the activities of the organization. Programs can be social, informational, or topical in nature, and they can be annual events, one-time events, or occasional offerings. For each program, the team will define goals, targeted audiences and identify a list of objectives that will help us reach achievable, measurable results. This team will collaborate with other organizations (i.e. CBA, Lighthouse, OBPPC, City of Rochester, etc.) and will coordinate volunteer activities for each event the CCA engages in, regardless of the sponsor(s). Team will also coordinate with Communications Director to prepare advertising materials to promote each event 

Note: For events involving food, at least one volunteer must complete the food handling certification course so that the organization can apply for permits to sell food at events.

Volunteer Opportunites:

We need a small group of people to plan and coordinate each event.

For every event we need a team of people ready and able to help with set up, delivery, and take down. This is where you can give one day to assist this organization.





Youth Engagement/Scholarship Committee

Board Chair: Brian Labbigan, Patti O’Brien         

 Community Liason: Tom Bruce, John Kabrovski

CHARGE: Develop and maintain relationships with youth of all ages in Charlotte and encourage their vested interest in the community. Promote the contributions of students in our schools and youth organizations (Charlotte Youth Athletic Association) and find ways to match their needs with CCA resources. Manage the annual CCA Scholarship Awards Program for graduating high school seniors who are enrolled in a higher education program for fall.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Outreach to Abelard Reynolds Elementary School #42:

·         Open House events

·         Holiday events

·         Special Programs


Outreach to Holy Cross Elementary School:

·         Same as above

Outreach to NE College Prep HS**:

·         Open House and Special Events

·         JROTC program

·         Assist w/ CCA Scholarship applications


Outreach to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H Club, faith groups for youth, etc.

Sponsor Charlotte Youth Athletic Association (CYAA)

Manage Annual CCA Scholarship Program:

·         Develop & distribute application materials

·         Collect & review applications

·         Select and notify winners