Attention High School Seniors! If you live in Charlotte or attend the Leadership Academy for Young Men, you are eligible to apply!


2022 Scholarship Announcement

It’s that time of year again as college bound seniors start their search for financial aid.

This year the Charlotte Community Association (CCA) is pleased to announce that again, two scholarships will be awarded to college bound students who are residents of the Charlotte community or attend the Leadership Academy for Young Men.

The CCA will award one $2,000 award which is made possible through community fundraising and membership donations.

Another award of $2,000 is provided by a fund created in memory of Edward Watson, a Charlotte resident and former Charlotte High student.

The requirements for both scholarships are as follows: To qualify for the Edward Watson Scholarship the college bound senior must attend the Leadership Academy for Young Men (formerly Charlotte High School). To qualify for the CCA Scholarship the college bound senior must reside in the Charlotte neighborhood and attend any school, public or private. All applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee

For many years the Charlotte Community Association has offered scholarships to students who qualify based on academics, community service and extra-curricular activities. We are pleased to continue this tradition as well as help facilitate with the Edward Watson Scholarship.

A joint application will be available for both scholarships at the Charlotte Branch Library and online at the CCA website (